Elizabeth II, the Queen of Fun Facts

On 21 April 2021, Queen Elizabeth II of England will turn 95 and will celebrate, as usual, 5 birthdays!
Her real one will be celebrated in private, but since 1748 there is also an official celebration held on a Saturday in June, when the weather is better, featuring the traditional Trooping the Color parade. In Canada, the celebrations take place on the last Monday before May 25, or Victoria Day. In New Zealand, however, her birthday is celebrated on the first Monday of June, and exactly one week later the celebrations take place in Australia.

Elizabeth is also one of the few people in the world who can travel without a passport… simply because she doesn’t have one. Unlike other members of the royal house, according to the government she doesn’t need to have one, as all British documents are issued in her name. She also doesn’t need a driver’s license, or a license plate on her car.

But what about her technological skills? The Queen first sent an email in 1976 from a British Army base. She first tweeted in 2014 while opening an information technology gallery at the Science Museum. She published her first Instagram post in 2019: a picture of a letter that was sent to her great-great-grandfather by Charles Babbage, a 19th-century mathematician, inventor and computer science pioneer. At the beginning of the pandemic she took a crash course on how to use FaceTime and Skype in order to stay in touch with family members, and in June 2020 she joined her first public video call to mark Carers Week.

Her purse is not just a fashion accessory. She uses it as a way to signal her staff. It is said that if she places her bag on the table, it means that she wants to leave within five minutes. If she puts her bag on the floor, it means she’s not enjoying the conversation and wants to be rescued. If it’s not possible for her to put her bag on the ground, she twists her wedding ring.

The Queen also owns all of the swans, dolphins and even whales in the waters around the United Kingdom! (inlingua Milano)

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